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Sport is a numbers game. From optimising performance to game strategy, doing the maths to get that big win is always front and centre.

Watch a football game and the statistics will come thick and fast. Goals scored, kicks, patterns of play and even betting odds. Behind the scenes a team of analysts are mining this information for a golden ticket to triumph. Helping the players stay ahead with the next best move.

Wearables in the form of clothing, technology to analyse body performance data and even high-tech footwear have been a hot topic as the sporting industry continues to grow.

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Alice Sweeting

Alice Sweeting

Alice Sweeting is a specialist in sport science and has joint role as a Sport Scientist with the Western Bulldogs ...
Stephanie Kovalchik

Stephanie Kovalchik

Stephanie Kovalchik is a Data Scientist for Tennis Australia and uses maths and data to improve tennis player performance. She ...
James Waldie

James Waldie

Dr James Waldie has consulted for NASA, served as a Principal Investigator with the European Space Agency (ESA) and has ...
Jess Tavrou

Jess Tavrou

Jess Tavrou is a Football Analyst & works directly with the coaching staff analysing game play. She studied a Master ...

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Meet Karl Jackson, a sports statistician at Champion Data, and find out how maths plays a part in his work ...

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