Cassie Windsor

Cassie Windsor works at Qantas and is a Second Officer on an Airbus A330. She has travelled to 28 countries and counting.


International Pilot: Qantas

As the Second Officer on an Airbus A330, maths is part of every day. From knowing the maximum speeds for lowering landing gear to calculating the amount of fuel required for the flight, I have to work with a lot of numbers.

My problem-solving spirit meant I naturally gravitated towards maths. There’s nothing like the moment when you finally ‘get it’ and a new concept clicks. Studying physics from Year 10 gave me a huge head start when I was learning about aerodynamics to obtain my pilot licence.

Moving to Queensland as a teenager gave me the chance to learn to fly with my flight instructor uncle in Gympie. When I had the chance to do a University subject in Year 12, my mum suggested Aviation and helped me research the industry. It was also that year that I applied for the Qantas Cadet Program, which lead to an intense but rewarding year of theory and flight tests.

Becoming a Captain on the Dash 8 Q400 for QantasLink was a proud achievement. I loved the challenge of leading a team, deciphering the best flight paths, negotiating weather and analysing data to make the journey as safe and efficient as possible. In 2016, I was given the opportunity to become an international pilot for Qantas and fulfil my biggest career goal.

It’s wonderful being able to truly say I love my job and all the opportunities and adventures it presents. Sticking with maths made all the difference to my career path.

It’s OK if you don’t know what you want to do yet! Start broad by investigating different careers and industries, making sure you give yourself lots of options. From there you’ll be able to navigate the best way forward!



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