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STEM Jobs: 2017 Update

Why Maths

As the demand for technology and innovation increases, so will the demand for STEM occupations. The growth of big data means Maths skills will become necessary for students wanting to make a difference in our world. It will equip our leaders with the problem solving and critical thinking skills needed for a fast-paced world.

Maths is a global language that offers endless career opportunities across all industry sectors. It is solving the problems of tomorrow and is behind the technology and science breakthroughs we enjoy today.

Girls are nearly 50% less likely to study advanced level mathematics in Year 12 than boys – Let’s change this!

Dr Alan Finkel
Australia’s Chief Scientist – 2016

Australia is already a global leader in science. Imagine what we could achieve if women and men felt equally welcomed and appreciated in STEM professions.


AMSI has been supported by a number of organisations to deliver careers materials since 1997.

Current Partners



Past Partners

Careers and Outreach

Maths Delivers

Maths Delivers

Maths: Make Your Career Count

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Mathematics and Statistics offers endless career
opportunities across all industry sectors.

Where will it take you?

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La Trobe University

Delivered in partnership with La Trobe University, AMSI Maths Adds is Australia’s leading guide to mathematics career pathways. Highlighting the industry and innovation impact of mathematics, each edition features real past job ads, as well as inspiring profiles, and links to additional resources and programs.



BHP Billiton Foundation

Partnering with the BHP Billiton Foundation, the CHOOSEMATHS project is working with students, parents and teachers to turn around community attitudes to participation in mathematics, especially for girls and young women.

Working across four key components, the project is addressing pipeline challenges through Schools Outreach, Careers Awareness, CHOOSEMATHS Awards and the Women in Maths Network.




In collaboration with Education Services Australia (ESA) AMSI developed a series videos which showcased exciting applications of mathematics: gene mapping, cryptography, braking distance and the Google PageRank algorithm. Each video was accompanied by a comprehensive set of notes that explains in more depth the mathematics underlying these real-life applications.

Careers and


Boeing Australia

Boeing Australia allowed AMSI to support teachers in the Footscray region in an outreach capacity, host a national roadshow of aerospace careers events hosted in Melbourne, Brisbane and Townsville which gave students an in depth look into careers in the industry and develop a new series of Maths Delivers videos for classrooms which explain the use of mathematics in a range of industry settings.



William Buckland Foundation

Partnering with the William Buckland Foundation AMSI worked with 12 Geelong-based schools through ongoing professional development for teachers to build their capacity in mathematics. This included demonstrated lessons, school visits, and involving the community in family maths nights and careers evenings.

Make Your
Career Count


Australian Government

In 2009 the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Funded an expansion of AMSI’s national teacher professional development, the development of teacher resource modules for years 5-10, and Maths: Make your career count – a suite of resources including posters, brochure, videos and an online platform to promote careers in mathematics.

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