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Maths: Make Your Career Count (complete set)



Maths: Make your career count

This series of career resources is targeted at upper-primary to Year 10 students, and its main focus is to demonstrate how maths can enrich any career path. Twenty different professions were profiled to show the benefit of continuing mathematics study to senior high school and university. This series includes posters and videos in addition to written profiles.

Maths: Make your career count was a national campaign released in December 2010 and produced by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) through The Improving Mathematics Education in Schools (TIMES) project, funded by the Australian Government.

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Maths Adds 2014-15


MATHSADDS booklets

MATHSADDS is a booklet that contains recent job advertisements appearing in the press and on the internet, to show the great number and variety of careers available if mathematics or statistics is included in your degree. MATHSADDS also includes advice on how to apply for jobs.

MATHSADDS has been produced by AMSI since 2004 and is widely distributed to schools and universities around the country.

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